Home Improvement Guide: Pros And Cons Of Vinyl Windows

When it comes to home improvement or home renovation, most homeowners would focus on the major renovation and would overlook other things that might have a profound effect later on once the project is completed. With that said, one of the most overlooked home improvements is choosing the material for the windows of the house. There are many varieties of materials used for windows such as wood, fiber, aluminium and the popular vinyl. All of the said materials have their benefits as well as disadvantages and today we would be discussing the pros and cons of having vinyl as the main material for the window construction.

During renovation or even before one renovate their home, it is best to check out one’s windows from time to time to decide if it needs replacement. Now, most windows would need to be replaced when the external environment causes one to have a difficulty in closing and opening the window. This happens when frost and condensation freezes the window and in some instances can cause it to break as well. Old homes are also susceptible as the seals become loose and the frame and sash might weaken and the home is losing energy in the process.

Vinyl Benefits

One of the best things about using vinyl is that it is much more affordable than other materials and can be favorable to budget conscious homeowners. The use of vinyl has been around as early as the 70’s and became popular not only because it is cheaper but because it requires less maintenance. It is also a non-conductive material meaning that during summer months, the material deters heat from coming inside the home and the cold during winter months thus making for more energy-efficient homes.

For those who are not handy with interior and exterior painting or want to cut the cost of buying paints, installing vinyl as window frames would not need any painting activities done. Additionally, the material holds for more years than other materials such as wood so longevity is not a problem here.

Vinyl Disadvantages

As with any other materials, vinyl can be a problem for those who want a more aesthetically pleasing look to their home. As the material is not paintable, the white color stands in contrast to the other parts of the room and can be ugly for some. For those who are planning to resell their homes in the foreseeable future, vinyl might lower the real estate value of the property as most buyers would want a cosy home that is, windows with wood frames.

With that said, having a vinyl window can be a practical and logical choice for those who are more interested in savings as the material can be energy-efficient and as it is easier to keep up and comes in many colors and styles, it is the best option for the modern homemaker.

How to Find Home Improvement TV Shows

Finding home improvement TV shows is a relatively simple task. Since the premiere in 1979 of Bob Vila’s “This Old House” the industry has expanded rapidly as more and more homeowners seek to make their own repairs and upgrades.

Cable’s DIY Network is devoted to home repairs and remodels that homeowners can do themselves. Many of their home improvement TV shows are available online as well. Here you can find such basic information as how to choose the right wrench or basic plumbing for beginners.

DIY Network offers many home improvement TV shows such as BATHtastic! hosted by Matt Muenster, which has offered projects such as installing wainscoting, painting stripes on a wall by using a laser level, and installing a tile shower surround. Sweat Equity, hosted by Amy Matthews, offers the premise that two weekends of work can increase the value of your home by $10,000. Programs have covered staining hardwood floors, refinishing kitchen cabinets, installing crown molding in a kitchen, and installing a doggie door.

Other shows on DIY Network include Man Caves, Desperate Landscapes, and Yard Crashers. For a complete list of all of their home improvement TV shows, check your local cable listings or visit them online.

HGTV also has a great lineup of home improvement TV shows. Some of their offerings include Holmes on Homes, Carter Can, Don’t Sweat It, Over Your Head, and Income Property. Holmes on Homes takes examples of renovations or repairs that have been improperly done and shows how they should have been performed. Carter Can focuses on homeowners who think their projects are too expensive or time consuming or require more skill than they possess. The host shows them ways around their objections. Don’t Sweat It offers homeowners the quick way to accomplish projects they have been delaying.

Some home improvement TV shows are devoted to specific audiences. For example, Income Property shows homeowners how to convert part of their house into an apartment to generate rental income. DIY Network’s Kitchen Impossible focuses on renovating kitchens.

Planet Green, one of the Discovery channels, offers Greenovate, a show dedicated to save on energy bills and increase the value of their home. World’s Greenest Homes takes viewers on tours of eco-friendly homes and is a great place for “green” ideas.

With so many home improvement TV shows on cable, it is easy to find entire channels devoted to the art of making home repairs or improvements yourself. For those who do not have cable, the father of all home improvement TV shows, Bob Vila is still on PBS with This Old House, offering advice just as he has since 1979. Hometime, also on PBS, offers advice on renovations, landscaping, and more.

You can find many more home improvement TV shows by checking your local listings or going online. If you miss your favorite episode, you can watch many of them at the channel’s website. Whether you are seeking a reality show, such as Extreme Makeover, or the step by step demonstrations offered by such home improvement TV shows as Over Your Head, there is one to fit whatever project you have in mind.