Cattle Raising |

Like any other animal whether a pet or livestock, taking care of them is harder than it looks. But don’t let that discourage you, it may not be so easy but it’s not impossible. Cattle raising could be very fun and fulfilling as long as you know what you are doing.Cattle, whether a Bull, a mature cow or a cub is a living thing, and living things have a lot of needs in order to survive. The first need that you can look into is their place to stay or their shelter. The cattle’s shelter should have good ventilation and should be dry, make sure it’s water proof. You can also build a run-in shed out in the fields, it a three-sided shelter that the cattle can go to in case it suddenly rains.We all know that cows eat grass; their stomachs have four chambers that enable them to digest grass when other animals can’t. Their main dietary needs are hay and pasture. You can also add vitamins, salts as well as minerals, just make sure that they are in need of it. Since pasture is the main dietary need of the cattle, you have to make sure that the type of pasture that you are giving them are of good quality and of quantity that would be enough for them.Cattle need’s space for pasture, about two acres per animal. But if you don’t have enough pasture for your cattle to graze, you have to increment it. You can give them hay, or other cattle food that would supplement the lack. And remember, when you give them hay, make sure that it is dry, wet hay can lead to grave health problems, you can make sure that the storage place for your cattle food is dry.Cattle needs water, so you have to make sure that water is available to them whenever they need it. It is also practical that you but a water system, making sure that the cattle has water available to them all the time.Cattles are easy to train. You just have to make them used to being handled and touch, you can do this the brushing and cleaning them daily. Make them get used to the presence of humans; this is necessary because it will be less-taxing to them as well as for you for veterinary visits as well as hoof-trimming days.Every animals when taking care f them needs time and attention, if you have them then all the rest is manageable, and of course, if you are a beginner in this endeavor, it’s always handy to get professional help.