Meat Goats For Sale – Which Ones Should You Buy? |

Meat goats are available in many different varieties across the world. It is important to have proper knowledge and understanding of the different breeds that hail from various parts of the world in order to select the best option. The extensive range of Spanish meat goats is particularly well renowned for its meat. In general it is recommended to go for horned varieties only as these are free from harmful diseases that may crop up in naturally polled goats.You will also be able to find some livestock exporters that actually cross Spanish goats with different dairy breeds. The end result is a larger sized kid that has the capacity to produce large volumes of milk. However, when it comes to meat qualities you will find it to be lacking a meaty carcass. This is why such varieties are better suited for milk production. The reason why such varieties are starting to gain popularity as meat goats is because of their low price and easy availability which tends to offset its carcass characteristics. Furthermore, the meat qualities can drastically improve if they are cross bred with Boer-type bucks which are also inexpensive to produce.Another great variety is the range of Angora goats. However, this breed is not adaptable to cold climates and locating reliable livestock exporters may be a problem for people in certain areas. Boer goats are termed as the best of the lot when it comes to meat goats for sale. Although expensive to rear these goats have a remarkable growth rate and equally impressive meat characteristics. The Boer breed originated from South Africa but is today found in many different places of the world with Australia being one of the largest livestock exporters of Boer goats.The Boer-Spanish cross is yet another interesting variety of meat goats that is definitely worth investing in. It is also more affordable than the genuine Boer as the costs of rearing the crossbreeds is lower. A full size Boer goat can weigh up to 200 pounds which is why they require considerably more feed and care than any other breed used for meat production. Some livestock exporters also cross Boer goats with Cashmere goats which deliver outstanding results. These types of goats are in high demand all over the world because of their desirable qualities.Hailing from New Zealand, the Kiko is a classic variety of meat goat. Characterized by their large frames these goats can survive under tough conditions and are easy to rare. However, this is a relatively rare variety which may be difficult to find and expensive to acquire.Above mentioned are just some of the leading varieties of meat goats for sale that you will be able to find out there. Livestock exporters from across the world specialize in dealing with these different types of meat goats and you should go for an exporter with expertise in the particular breed that you are looking to buy.